Saturday, 26 April 2014

By the power of Beyonce!

Today is a big day for women. Today is a huge day for black women and I'm sure as hell not planning on shitting on it. Beyonce Knowles, aka Bey, aka Sacha Fierce is on the cover of Time magazine, and on the cover of the most influential people issue of Time magazine. This is a really big deal and as usual, small-minded people want the conversation to be about what she is wearing. Hold the goddamned phone, people. Beyonce isn't wearing any pants!

Now that that's out of the way can we talk about what really matters? A woman on the cover of Time magazine is a rarity, a black woman is like a fucking unicorn. Whether or not she had the inclination to pull on some jeans is so damn insignificant it's actually making me furious. Time magazine is an established, credible publication whose main focus since inception has been on politics and science, so this is a brave move for Time and one I commend. You can't argue with the power of Beyonce. A pop megastar, actress, mother and wife Beyonce is, as the cliche goes 'a woman who has it all' and 'has it all' in a way where she doesn't even need to wear pants on the cover of one of America's oldest and most respected magazines. If Beyonce's success can inspire and influence generations of women, to show us all that compromise does not have to be the answer, she deserves this cover and the title, so let's all shut the fuck up about her outfit and celebrate this victory.

One of my idols, Sheryl Sandberg wrote the profile on Beyonce. Who else better to comment on an incredibly powerful woman than an incredibly powerful woman? Sandberg observes that 'Beyonce doesn't just sit at the table, she builds a better one'. Boom! How people are annoyed by this I will never understand. Yes, Bey beat out president Obama for this title, but when is that last time Obama had you staying up till 2am drunk with your friends trying to perfect the Single Ladies dance? When was the last time Pope Francis got a word put into the dictionary? Bootylicious is a term coined by Beyonce which describes none more perfectly than herself. Beyonce is incredibly relevant and influential and I thank Time for having the vagina to recognize this. And to those who disagree with their decision, I want a better reason why than 'she's not wearing any pants'.

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